Some words about Sampark App

This app is not only needed but imperative because even today our culture is very different from the west. The fastest expansion of western culture all over the world was due to the Second World War. After the outbreak of war between Japan and America, the entire coastal areas of Asia became the bases of the western army. Africa had already fallen prey to it. Under the pressure of war and army supply, this whole area came under the influence of the West very fast. After the Arab-Israeli Yom Kippur war of 1973, the Arab countries became tremendously rich due to the prevalence of petro-daller. Because of this prosperity, western culture secretly made its place even in Arab countries, even though from outside they kept their old clothes covered.

From a general point of view, it will look a bit like other apps. It has been kept because we have got used to the same app for a long time, we are also used to the terminology of old apps, which is difficult to change and also unnecessary. But as we increase the use of Sampark app, we will start to see its features and this app will become helpful for meeting all our needs. This app really has the potential to be a boon of science to make our lives easier.