The trend of E-books has revolutionized the methods of studying, gathering information and enhancing knowledge. Today, digitalization reformed the education system and learning methods that provide benefits for both writers and the audience in various ways. The Book feature of the Sampark App is the best way to showcase your knowledge and experience in the form of a book that users can access anytime anywhere.

Here are some key benefits of book options that help writers and users:

1) Easy to Write: A member of a Sampark can write a book. Whenever the users want to write a book, they can write according to their needs and requirements in their book. The members of the application can post that part to friends of contact and post on other social media platforms. A book will be prepared when all the articles compiled in the book feature gradually. It will be like a modern book where you can write and insert pictures, audio, and videos. One can read the books by visiting the profile of any member. In this way, you will get thousands of readers, and you can easily establish yourself as a writer.

2) Ease of Publishing: The book feature of the Sampark App allows users to share educational content, tutorials, and online courses. This application supports E-learning to a broader audience, regardless of geographical location or financial constraints. Users can create a book with a title, category, chapters, description and photo and can save it for continuing later or publish it immediately. After completing it, the user can share the book on the wall and with friends. The most beneficial option of the Book feature is that you can edit or add your content after publishing your book. Sampark App provides a platform for entertaining, inspiring content, engaging in discussions, and collaborating with others interested in similar subjects.

3) Cost-Effective Publishing: Sampark App eliminates the need for physical production and distribution, significantly reducing costs for writers. The writers or users can publish their books and knowledge to their lovable audience without charging any publishing cost. Although, the book option of this application provides writers with a global platform to reach a larger audience beyond their local markets. In addition, book options can increase the numbers of reach towards the potential for exposure and readership by sharing books on your public wall to accessible for aspiring authors.

4) Flexibility and Control: Sampark App allows the writers to add new chapters and content after publishing their books. Users can search for their books on the "My Book" option and find the right book for editing and adding new content in the form of new chapters. After that, the authors can republish the books and share them as well. Apart from this, users or writers have the right to share their book with controllable access as public, with friends, and private, and also they can share it according to their choice (like on the wall, with friends or social) to enhance the engagement of audiences. This flexibility of the Sampark App enables writers to adapt and respond to readers' demands more effectively.

5) Earn Money: Although, the author has the right to give the freedom to read the book to whomever he/she wants, and then make a provision for payment for that. Even the author can write more than one book at the same time. A hidden writer is always inside everyone. But, it is too difficult and costly to publish a book and then reach the readers. Moreover, the number of readers and influencers depend on the quality of the book, type of subject, and how much the readers take an interest in the content. One can also have financial benefits from this and can establish as a good writer over time.