Sampark App allows individuals and groups to stay organized and productive by building a transparent communication system with your favorable community. The organization feature of this application allows people to register organizations hassle-free for establishing solid internal and external relationships with society without paying any cost. The organizations provide a platform to collaborate and network with one another. After creating an organization or community group, individuals can connect, share ideas, and work together more effectively toward their common objectives.

Additionally, these organizations can arrange resources like human and financial to address societal issues. Even organizations provide a supportive environment where people can connect with society, exchange experiences, and feel secure. Some social organizations focus on providing services to meet specific community needs. Some organizations may offer healthcare services, educational programs, disaster relief, or other forms of assistance to address gaps in existing systems and improve the well-being of individuals or communities.

Here are some Key benefits of the Organizations Option:

1) Effective Communication System: To take advantage of this feature, firstly the user needs to “Create Organization” along with the name of the organization, type, category, phone number, address, designation, and image. After creating your organization, the user can share ideas, images, and videos on the main page. By using this application, team members can easily see the other member's posts to be done, by whom, and when.

2) Centralized Information System: The user is enabled to access the “Organizational Details” and also can edit if needed. Furthermore, the user or owner can check the “Member list” of the organization and also have the authority to remove the member from the organization. Even while creating an organization, if a user has not joined the organization directly, then the owner has the right to give them access to change the designation of others or remove them from the member list or not at the time of approval.

3) Transparent Discussion and Suggestion: This app allows people to discuss their thoughts, problems and ideas with the organization’s members using the “Create Discussion” option to get instant solutions. Furthermore, the user can share ideas, information, and photos for the welfare of society by using the “Suggestion” feature of this application.

4) Schedule Meetings: Users can schedule a meeting with the help of the “Create Meeting” option. Users can schedule the meetings by adding the Meeting Subject, Start Date, Start Time, End Date, End Time, and other members. This feature allows users to stay connected and updated on the current situation of the society or community, even when they are not in the same place.

Founder Message: If the founder wants to circulate a message to all the organization’s members, he or she can “Create Post” for sharing ideas, information, messages, photos, and videos that will show to all the team members. There is no need to post your message on your wall, the founder can take advantage of this feature of the organization. In terms of mobility, the remote teams of any organization or company especially have the benefits from this flexibility, as they can access, update and manage their work from any location with this amazing application.

6) Star Members and Id Card: The user can shine like a star by using this app. Whose has the most likes, shares, and comments on their post that will show in Star Members. Apart from this, you can check your ID cards and download them with the help of the Sampark App.

7) Promote Your Company: If you want to promote your business or company, then we are here for you. Sampark App allows users to create sponsors by uploading their name and logo after taking some chargers. The charges for becoming a sponsor are either monthly or yearly. After creating sponsors, they will be displayed on the sponsor strip of the user in the “Organization Option” of the Sampark Application. This user-friendly application helps to boost the productivity and sales of your company after paying for advertisements for sponsorship.

8) Poll Opinions: Polling is the best way to know about the views of people on any topic. The poll is one of the best features of the Sampark Application, users can create the poll to know the opinion of their team on the various topics, projects, tasks, and subjects. By using the “Create Poll” option in the app, people can create a poll by entering the poll subject, its description, State, District, City, Poll Start Date, Start Time, and End Date Time and you can also add poll options for the Voters to know the exact poll answer of the other team members. After ending the poll time, users can analyze the poll to know the thoughts of the other users on a particular topic.